Disconnect to Reconnect

The New Settler Disconnecting

I am back from my Boston trip and have found new motivation to achieve my goals for the year. In order to keep my momentum, I have decided to ban myself from my distractions: searching Facebook, text messaging, checking email, and surfing the web.

As inspiration to follow through with my decision, a close friend suggested Pico Iyer’s article, The Joy of Quiet. In the article, Iyer gives his opinion that our constant feed of communication is starting to overwhelm our society. Through examples, mostly dealing with people in creative industries, Iyer suggests that by unplugging ourselves we can reconnect with living. This new freedom from communication outlets can lead to better productivity and brain functioning because we are no longer distracted.

I strongly agree with Iyer’s opinion of disconnecting. With the willingness to be focused and productive in this new year, I have created a list of rules for unplugging from my distractions.

Rules of Unplugging

If I don’t disconnect, then I am worried that I will end up in a technology loop!  Thank you Portlandia for understanding.

What is your opinion of disconnecting in order to reconnect?  How do you find focus in our fast paced society?