Puppy Love

Sweet little kisses

Puppy Love


First Checkup

Rommey went in for her first checkup and she was a big hit in the office.  The moment I walked into the clinic the receptionist took her out of my arms to show her to everyone. Rommey posed for pictures and received hugs and kisses from all the veterinarians.  Though at first she was a little nervous, her anxiety quickly faded as she fell asleep on the checkup table.  So deep in puppy dream land, Rommey didn’t even wake up to all the poking and prodding going on.

Rommey's Paws  Rommey Asleep at the Vet

New Mom

I would like to announce that on Sunday I became the new mom of an eight week baby girl basset hound!  After one day of being a new mom, I already have separation issues when I am not around her.  WELCOME HOME baby Rommey Sweet Water!  You have found a home that could not possibly love you more.

Rommey Sweet WaterIt was raining today, so I thought it was only necessary that Rommey wear a little raincoat.

Rommey in raincoat

Rommey in Raincoat