New Mosaic Series

I am primarily a photo realistic painter, but for years I have not been able to bring myself to paint.  My absence from painting is mostly impart to my lack of inspiration and frustration with the limitations of my medium.  These limitations are ones that I put upon myself as I approach painting in a very traditional way, which is a habit I am trying to break.  However, letting go of my traditional technique is proving to be very difficult.

Though I am struggling with my first love, painting, I have found a new love, mosaics. This summer my mother introduced me to this art form when I attended several classes with her at Ciel Gallery.  To me, mosaics offer an endless array of form and texture that paint is missing at the moment.

Currently, I am working on a five pieces series on slate tiles that are inspired by patterns in nature.  Below are two works that I have finished.

Untitled 1 MosaicUntitled 2 Mosaic


The Art Collection Begins

I have officially started my art collection!

Le Donneur by Kath Jones

Collecting other artists’ works is a hobby I have dreamed about for years.  My mom knows of my interest and took it upon herself to start my collection.  As a holiday gift she purchased Le Donneur (The Giver) a mosaic by Kath Jones.  I fell in love with this piece months ago at Ciel Gallery, a studio and gallery space where my mom and I take mosaic classes.