About The New Settler

I am an artist and a film school graduate. Though it might sound immature, I find it difficult to live without candy and nail polish. These are habits that I am still trying to grow out of. In June 2011, I gave up my job in Boston and moved back home to the South. My decision was based on throwing out my practicality and deciding to fully dedicate myself to creating art. My blog The New Settler is for anyone out there who has taken a risk and decided to bet on herself. This blog chronicles my daily doings and pursuit of a creative life.


Well, not literally.  It has taken me all summer (and some of fall) to get my act together, but I have finally started my new blog, “Mint Miller Design.” Please check it out.



Recently, I found a burst of energy to refocus The New Settler, which might be caused by my new obsession with iced lattes but that isn’t the point.  I plan to center this blog more around my creative work, film, and daily inspirations. You can expect more updates, images, and art.  Get excited, because this is going to be great!

Unreal in NYC

In April, I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the winners of the Volkswagen’s Fan Ticket GIFaway.  A few weeks earlier, I entered an animated GIF into the contest in hopes of receiving tickets to one of the performances of Kraftwerk Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 at the MoMA.  My GIF not only won me tickets to the final performance, but was also selected to be projected as part of the VW fan mosaic digital billboard. Thank you Volkswagen for a trip of a lifetime!

VW Billboard

In front of VW billboard on Houston & Bowery in NYC

Before Kraftwerk show

Pizza with my twin sister before the show

Kraftwerk Tour de France

Kraftwerk’s Tour de France

Kraftwerk Tour de France at the MoMA

Kraftwerk at the MoMA


Kraftwerk at the MoMA

Rolling Stone photos by Brian Nevins

My story was also covered by Rolling Stone.  Please check it out here! All photos featured in the photo diary are by Brian Nevins

New Mosaic Series

I am primarily a photo realistic painter, but for years I have not been able to bring myself to paint.  My absence from painting is mostly impart to my lack of inspiration and frustration with the limitations of my medium.  These limitations are ones that I put upon myself as I approach painting in a very traditional way, which is a habit I am trying to break.  However, letting go of my traditional technique is proving to be very difficult.

Though I am struggling with my first love, painting, I have found a new love, mosaics. This summer my mother introduced me to this art form when I attended several classes with her at Ciel Gallery.  To me, mosaics offer an endless array of form and texture that paint is missing at the moment.

Currently, I am working on a five pieces series on slate tiles that are inspired by patterns in nature.  Below are two works that I have finished.

Untitled 1 MosaicUntitled 2 Mosaic